This is who I am

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In case you're curious, I live and work primarily in Detroit. I love music, art, and culture. I love predicting trends. I love my family and friends. I read real estate development news, manga (Japanese comics), and self-help books. 

With a masters degree in counseling psychology, I have been formally trained in cognitive behavioral therapy, marriage and family therapy, emotion focused therapy, empathy, interpersonal skills, stress management, emotional  regulation, and mindfulness. However, I don't offer therapy, I offer coaching.

In 2015, I founded a tech startup called Pro:Up. Our mission is to transform education by making learning deeply personalized, experiential, and universally accessible. Our app, which connects high school students to educational and career development opportunities, is currently being used by thousands of students from over 150 Metro Detroit high schools.

In 2016, I joined the founding team of a turnaround high school in Detroit. I designed and constructed a school culture that powerfully shifted students’ mindsets and relationships with themselves, their peers, and their futures. This aided in our school being ranked #1 in the district for two consecutive years. 

I have formal training in multiple schools of meditation. Ask me about them. In general, I’m a habit-building master.  I have the tools to create or stop any habit I want, and I’m happy to share them with you.

I became a professional life coach in summer 2017. My life’s purpose is to expand consciousness, compassion, and creativity for as many people as possible, and I’m committed to being a space of unconditional love and boundless creativity for everyone I meet.