The Key to Abundance. Bet You Can't Guess It.


This is the Key: Stop chasing money.

And focus on how you would be feeling if you had everything you needed.


I left my job to work full time on my startup and life coaching practice in June 2017. I only had a few months worth of savings to live off of. A couple months after the jump, I had generated some income from clients and consulting, but had quickly allocated that money towards bills. Then a few weeks passed with no new clients or income. I started worrying about whether I was going to be able to make enough to survive. I started questioning whether my coaching was valuable enough. I stopped actually reaching out to potential clients.  I had officially slipped into a scarcity mindset.


In this mindset, I began living in a world of not enough. I became driven by a fear of not having enough money and not being good enough to get it. I woke up each day anxious and stressed. I started strategizing on how to generate money, where best to spend my time, and how much I should be charging. I developed tunnel vision and became selfish. It sounded like: I can only help you if it’s going to make me money. If not, you’re wasting valuable time that I could be using making money. It killed my creativity, generosity, and happiness.


Yesterday morning, I shared this with my coach. He told me to stop focusing on whether I would make enough money, and to shift my focus to how I would be being and feeling if I was making enough money. I told him that I would be secure, expressed, and happy. He told me to try just being that way in every conversation I had and in every task that I completed. So I tried it.


I shifted my focus from making money to doing what I really care about--making a difference for people. In that same day, I secured meetings with three new potential clients, got an introduction to deliver workshops to a young professional networking group, got an offer from a videographer to help me begin creating web content, and got one client lead through my website. Inside of all of that, I got deeply connect to what people truly cared about, had healing conversations, and got present to the thread that connects us all. I was secure, expressed, and happy the whole way through.


This is the thing. What you focus on gets bigger. The more you focus on not having enough, the more you don’t have enough. The more you focus on your actual passion, commitment, and what things are like when you have enough, the more abundant your life is. There's a deeper impact when it goes beyond thinking, and you allow yourself to feel what it would actually be like. Do it as many times throughout the day as you can, and see what happens.  


If you struggle to create this state, try writing a gratitude or success journal in the morning or evening. Record all the things you are grateful for, and all your accomplishments. Then become present to how these things make you feel. That is your abundant way of being. Label it and carry it with you.


Abundance does not live in money. Money is one of many outcomes of abundance. Abundance lives in gratitude, relationships, vulnerability, integrity, and committed action towards your purpose. Abundance is not simply having enough to get everything you want and giving a little away in the process. It’s an extraordinary experience of generosity. The more generous we are, the more it feels like God or the universe is being generous back.

So, try it out.

Myles Morgan