A group coaching program for heart-centered, passion-driven young professionals who want to multiply their joy, fulfillment, and abundance and create extraordinary careers and lives.

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What is it?

The 10X Program is for heart-centered, passion-driven people who want to break free from their comfort zone and create a life that is top-to-bottom fulfilling. You bring your own dream, commitment, goals, or project to the group and in the first conversation, you’re already expanding your view and imagination beyond what you think is reasonable or attainable. Then, you are challenged to take bold, new actions to make it real.

You will belong to a community of peers who are dreaming, daring, and challenging themselves in the same way. You will receive weekly coaching to help you generate the mindset, insight, and performance to produce these mind blowing results.

You will support and challenge one another to accomplish whatever matters most to you.

Who is the 10x program for?

This program is for people with a natural bias towards action. It is for those who are seeking to create a life that is fully aligned with their passions and values. It’s for those who dream big, and who have something they want to create or contribute to the world. It is for people who have the courage to take calculated risk, and for those who enjoy participating in and building community. 

This is not the wait for it coaching program. It is not for people who are waiting for someone to give them the answer. It is not for people who will let their comfort win over their commitment. It is not for people who allow their excuses to have the last word.

The coaching and community in this program is only as powerful as the commitment and actions of the people in it. So come ready to play full out.

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What do you get?

This group is like a pressure cooker that gets you more insight, action, and results in three months than you would get in a whole year. Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

Seeing Behind the Invisible Curtain
You will inquire into, examine, and disrupt the limiting beliefs and stories that disempower you and stop you whenever you prepare to expand yourself and your life. 

Rethinking Impossible
You will dive into the world of exponential thinking. You will look at your your life as it is now, your goals, and your vision, and then imagine what it would be like if it were ten times better. This is the zone we will be playing in for the duration of the program.

Reality Bending Willpower
You will reconnect with the inner resolve that allowed you to do what seemed impossible in the past and discover how to keep that present on a daily basis to manifest your vision for your life. 

The Unshakable Foundation
You will develop a relationship with your word that givse you power and transforms how you see yourself and how others see you.

Running the Habit Machine
You will learn the technology behind building habits that stick so well you forget they’re even there. Every time you create a new commitment or goal, you will be able to create effective habits to help you fulfill it. 

Energy Master Plus
You will discover the truth behind energy: that it isn’t finite and that there are myriad ways to generate it, even when your mind and body want to quit.

How does it work?

  • The duration of the program is 3 months. 
  • You get weekly group coaching calls which helps members gain insights and create actions that will help them produce breakthroughs and transform areas of life that aren't working. 
  • You get a community that motivates and empowers you to fulfill on commitments and goals that you  set. 
  • You get challenged to think big and take bold--sometimes scary--action. Each week, you create a dare or challenge for yourself that, if you complete it, would blow your mind. 
  • You will be paired with another person in the group for additional support and accountability.
  • You are encouraged to meet with your community to share, co-work, and celebrate your successes.



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"Reorienting my relationship with my emotions, particularly fear, fundamentally changes life. Before, fear of death, or fear of giving up, would motivate me to take action. Now I’m practicing gratitude and love. The possibility this opens up for me is energy and meaning towards accomplishing things which otherwise might be considered just to do items." - Seth ArchambaultWeb Developer

"Sitting with this amazing feeling of accomplishment right now. I made a freelance career happen for myself and I'm so proud. Now I can consider more long term learning options because my financial situation is more stable." - Diana PostFreelance Learning Consultant

"OMG...this is a f$&king Aha moment for me!!!!! This shit just changed everything. It's okay to have all of my feelings. I can have them!!! I can process them and separate them from reality and not have them become my reality." - Samoy SmithNon-Profit Founder & Social Entrepreneur

"I feel so free, free to go about the work of expanding my life. I’d like to thank Myles for speaking this into existence!" - Ernestine LyonsSocial Entrepreneur





$100 per month